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Product Supply, Sourcing & Procurement Services

With a number of years in product supply, we have a range of industry relationships where we have utilised our skills in planning on time delivery for various clients. The processes we have set up and employed has helped us provide a professional, reliable and cost effective procurement partner to our client base.

“One stop shops” as the industry term is known, is used to describe our ability. We have our dedicated portfolio lines where we try to match our clients’ needs but we have often had to deviate our sourcing lines to ensure we obtain the best in class and budget expectations.

We deal with various market places so we have skills in identifying product needs in military and airborne applications as well as commercial and laboratory equipment. Our main technology is RF and Microwave, but have from time to time been asked to supply non-core items such as; general purpose tools, protected transit and tools cases as well as general Telecommunication products.

Engineering Solutions

At dBD Communications we have created an engineering co-operative where we can assist in some of the gaps our customers face and assist in the overall system development. We are still very firmly in the RF and Microwave arena but now offer sub system integration for selected clients.

dBD have design skills in amplifiers, audio systems, antennas, and communication systems for various applications in voice, video and data.

We routinely undertake custom designs and prototyping of RF & Microwave hardware; taking products from a broad outline specification to full scale manufacture. As well as the design and prototype contracts we can offer solutions for obsolescence issues or indeed build to print or sub-contract assembly work.

Our History

dBD Communications formed in 2002 to support the RF & Microwave markets throughout Europe. Experienced in Military, Rail, Avionics and Commercial Communications, utilising RF & Microwave capability. Our aim is to supply both Product Requirements and Business Management Solutions in many Market fields.

It is our mission to maintain a product portfolio that continually evolves and meets the needs of our customers consistently adding new lines, extending our relationships with component and sub system manufacturers worldwide.

A mix of precision solutions against high volume manufacture needs to be available to meet all the needs of our clients. We add value to our customer with close engineering support and holding stock of key components. dBD operates an ISO 9001:2015 quality system assessed by Lloyds Quality Assurance.