Wireless Communication Solutions 
for Airside Applications

Airside Communications We understand the impact of a slight delay to de-boarding, unloading, servicing, security checks and pushback.

That’s why dBD Communications is a trusted partner to the Airport Ground Services industry.  We have a strong reputation for enhancing turnaround times with our wireless airside communications solutions.

Our wireless systems allow users untethered communications around the aircraft with ranges up to 500 metres line of sight. 

This means, ground staff, engineers, inspectors and pushback handlers can carry out their tasks without interruption.


Solutions-driven pushback, maintenance and de-icing systems


Our Minerva and other airside wireless products continue to offer seamless communications. They allow airside operatives to: 

-       Communicate with each other using wireless duplex headsets up to 150m away from the cockpit 

-       Roam freely around the aircraft with multi-user wireless setup 

-       Enhance their situational awareness 

-       Improve turnaround times and efficiency 

-       Reduce no fault founds (NFFs)

-       Increase de-icing capacity with 1-2-1 and 1 to many communications


Why choose us?

We’ve been manufacturing wireless communications equipment since 2002 and have a sound reputation for high-quality equipment and support.

No one knows our wireless communications products like we do. When you contact us, you’ll have the added reassurance of speaking to directly to us as a manufacturer. Furthermore, our engineers can adapt certain products to increase your airside operational efficiency.

Bespoke Aftercare

Our bespoke aftercare support is just as valuable as our wireless communications solutions.

We’re able to provide you with a support package that includes any number of the services listed below:

-       On-site servicing and maintenance

-       Installation service to ensure communications are fitted correctly

-       Training of staff to ensure correct use

-       24 hour phone support

-       Traceability service (signing in and out of equipment)

-       Managed cleaning of equipment

All our products are available for free demos and trial periods to ensure customer satisfaction ahead of making a purchase.

Simply contact our team to arrange a demonstration or trial.


Pushback and Maintenance Communication Solutions


Airside CommunicationsMinerva Air 


Providing wireless communication, the Minerva Air system allows for freedom of movement during wing walks, inspections and engineering tasks without being restricted.  The Minerva Air system is our highly versatile wireless pushback system addressing technical challenges on the ground for airside operations. The system is a proven solution for many aircraft types including B787 and A380. 


In a single man operation, the wireless headset will be worn by the Tug Driver and in two man operations, the Headset Man.  In this case, normal hand signals will continue between the Headset Man and the Driver, whilst the Flight Deck communicates via the Momentary Microphone button. 


We are also able to provide a 2 or 3-way splitter cable, allowing for multiple users to be able to communicate with the operating team.  Examples of this could be training, wing walking maintaining contact with all ground personnel, towing where both Tug Driver and up to 2 other Operatives can all communicate with the Brake Rider.   


Communication to either ground movements or ATC tower can be achieved by integrating the specific radio into the headset so that both Flight Deck and radio can be heard simultaneously. 


Airside Communications

Minerva Ajax


The Minerva Ajax system, similar to Minerva Air, has been developed to operate in higher noise environments, as utilising the mouth shield reduces the effect of background noise.


The specialised mouth piece comes on a quick release lanyard that will be placed around the user’s neck and hang on the chest for quick and easy access to communicate. A momentary mic (PTT) button has been placed onto the mouth shield.


The Ajax headset will still provide the ability to perform full wing walks, inspections and engineering tasks whilst retaining freedom of movement and communications to the Pilot. Utilising a splitter cable during these types of operations enables more users to communicate, for example, giving an instructor the ability to listen only or have the same capability as the remaining users. This will still allow for 150 metre range.


Airside Communications TIGAR Pushback System


Appreciating the importance of operational readiness within the air industry, this multi-user system was designed to incorporate wireless duplex communications between various ground staff including TCO, Team Leader, Gate and other facilities in order to reduce the duration of turnaround operations.


Utilising a wireless system, this allows the whole team to communicate whilst roaming freely around the aircraft for up to 500 metres line of sight.


It is well known wihtin the industry that enhancing turnaround time is a key target for individual airports and airlines, whilst also benefiting the Ground Handlers.  One slight delay to de-boarding, unloading, servicing, security checks and parking/pushback could affect the whole operation and on-time performance KPI's.


Our existing products have been utilised to create this system so the product readiness state and TRL is very high and confidence can be had in the system.


Airside Communications

Helios Tug System


The Helios system is wirelessly connected to the Minerva interface that is plugged into the aircraft in order to communicate to the Flight Deck.  The intercom can be fitted permanently or temporarily into the pushback tug and comes with a fist mic.  On request, you are able to remove the microphone link, should the operational lead prefer the Tug Driver to only listen to the operation rather than communicating back to the team.  Having the speaker option allows the Tug Driver to operate hands-free whilst enhancing team awareness.


On occasion, the need for the wireless headset to be worn in the Tug arises.  We have the ability to allow the headset user to communicate directly with the Flight Deck with one of our Minerva headsets, at the same time, listening to the ATC or other ground movement radios. 


De-Icing Communication Solutions


Airside Communications 

Airside Communications

Our De-Icing system provides wireless duplex communication from 2 up to 16 users on an open mic capability.  As the Controller, Operatives and Flight Deck all need to be aware of the operations progress, the system provides the most efficient way of communicating, ensuring a quick and safe turnaround.

In an open elevated platform scenario, our wireless headset option is the more likely solution, whereas if the operator is working in a closed cab environment, our Cab Kit, mic and speaker solution would be the preferred option.  Our Cab Kits can be fitted temporarily or permanently. 

Airside Communications

Multiple user communication solutions can be incorporated, linking multiple cabs together in order to stay in contact throughout the operation.  When there is more than one operating lane and users need to interlink between the lanes in order to cross over operating teams, cab intercom systems will be utilised with a switch function between each operating lane, avoiding any disruption between the two groups.

Radio interfacing can be carried out either direct into the users' headset or in the centralised base unit where up to 2 different radio channels can be monitored simultaneously.  There is also the ability, if needed to integrate mobile phone or other devices into these systems.  If necessary, more systems can be applied to create different de-icing lanes when needed so assets can be shared dependent on workload. 


Additional Products for Airside

Airside Communications Endaxi Headset Test System

The Endaxi system has been designed to support Ground Handling companies with the ability to reduce no fault founds (NFF’s) at the users facilities. dBD Communications recognises the importance of equipment readiness and this system will improve the availability of headsets used during Ground Handling operations.

Easy to assemble and self-contained in a waterproof case, it gives the ability to use the equipment in many environments. The product can also be powered by DC Battery, creating complete autonomy within the system. To use the equipment, most headset types are supported and the audio equipment is placed on the head provided.

A simple switch box is used to assess the serviceability of both the speakers and microphone in the headset assembly. We also have the ability to assess the functionality of the audio extension leads if required. This system will be able to test both wired and wireless solutions, with the same level of confidence.

Only one item can be tested at any one time, however a wired headset connected to an audio extension lead can be considered as one item for testing. A control switch allows the users to select either mic or speaker tests with the ability to switch between left or right speakers. You will have the ability to use the system, with just the headset or with an extension lead. In addition, wireless headsets can also be checked with the Endaxi by using the same methods applied with the wired solutions.


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