Wireless Communication Solutions for Airside Operations


dBD Communications continue to support the Airport Ground Services industry, with our short range wireless intercom products from pushback activity to engineering maintenance, our Minerva Air solution allows users untethered communications around the aircraft, with ranges exceeding 150 metres. 

Airside Solutions Bluetooth wireless duplex communication (talk and listen) capability offers freedom of movement and less trip hazards in areas where communication is needed such as ground handling, marshalling, aircraft maintenance and for ice and snow clearing. This application reduces safety risks and improves efficiency. 

Our systems promote pushback safety without needing to carry wires, have 24-hour battery life and can be integrated with a back to back radio.

Minerva Air allows for single or two-man push back operations. The headset can be worn by the Tug Operator in single-man operation or the Headset Person in two-man operation. In this case open mic communication continues between the Headset Person and Tug Operator, while the Pilot is Communicated to via PTT.   If it is necessary for the Tug Operator to hear all activity between the Headset Person and Flight Deck, we have the ability to either wirelessly or via a wired link, connect the Tug Operator to the same conversations. 

Airside Solutions  

The Minerva Ajax system has been developed to operate in higher noise environments as the mouth shield protects the flight crew from hearing transferred background noise.  The Minerva Ajax headset will still provide the ability to perform full wing walks, inspections and engineering tasks whilst retaining freedom of movement and communications to the pilot.

Our De-Icing product portfolio, consists of anything from 2 -16 users with open mic duplex communications to ensure a timely and efficient process is met.  The De-Icing Rigs & Controller have the ability to talk together at the same time without the need to PTT. When needed the Flight Deck can also communicate via VHF embedded into the system. 

The Endaxi system has been designed to support Ground Handling companies with the ability to reduce no fault founds (NFF’s) at the user’s facilities. To use the equipment, most headset types are supported and the audio equipment is placed on the head provided. We also have the ability to assess the functionality of the audio extension leads if required. This system will be able to test both wired and wireless solutions, with the same level of confidence.