Apollo Comms System

Apollo Comms System

There are multiple variations of the Apollo System and we can even take bespoke requirements and engineer a solution that fits your required need.

The main function of the Apollo System is to provide communication for up to 16 users (3 being the minimum). The system is most used in applications on the Railways such as Tandem Lifting and is suited to ground handling sectors within Airports, where users need to communicate around an airplane with the reliability of dBD's systems. Communications can be attained for up to 60 metres and we can provide antennas to boost that range if the requirement is needed. We have found the additional antennas to boost range to approximately 500m depending on weather conditions and deployment area, all within a closed Bluetooth link. 

We can supply two main types of Apollo Systems, one stored within a hard case, the other stored in easy to carry flight bags. The Apollo within a Peli-case is very robust and has proven to withstand the strains that can be found when on site when used daily. Our reliability of these systems is an area we are proud of, with a 99.4% success rate across all of our ranges.

We are allowing purchase for the systems and the ability to rent them also – for more information please contact us.

Our Apollo system utilises our Athena headset variants, with the ability to have latch, PTT, DSP functions and integration with up to 2 additional back-to-back radios. We can even integrate Athena Cab Kit into this system as well, with the option to have a permanent fix into a vehicle or portable, the possibilities of Apollo are vast and we are on hand to provide knowledge and tailoring of your requirements. Please state what you need and a member of our friendly staff will be on hand to develop a system to suit you. 


Flight Bag:
The Apollo System can be stored in a compact flight bag which is easy to carry around and store. (3-4 users)

Hard Peli Case:
A hard peli case is also an available option which we can provide, allowing the system to be well-protected when in use. (Recommended)

Additional accessories can be provided, such as Gel ear cups, multi-charger boards for 8 headsets, Directional antennas and reinforced antennas. Please contact us with your requirements.