Apollo Multiple User Communications Solutions for Rail Applications 


There are a variety of duplex communication solutions available for our multiple user systems with a wireless range of 60 metres - 500 metres.  Our Apollo systems utilise any of our Athena headsets as per our customers' preference and what is most suitable for their applications.  All systems have a 24 hour battery life.

Apollo Multiple User Communication Solutions

Apollo Phantom

The Apollo Phantom is the preferred solution when a base unit is not required.  The Phantom headset simply links to 2 other Athena headsets.  The amount of users can be adapted by incorporating more Phantom headsets into the chain.

Apollo Multiple User Communication Solutions

Apollo Flight Bag

Using the small, easily portable hi-vis flight bag as the base unit, this solution is the preferred option for 3 - 4 users, when a base unit is required.  The users can be extended by incorporating another flight bag base unit if the Apollo Waterproof is found to be unsuitable for applications. Apollo Multiple User Communication Solutions

Apollo Waterproof

Stored in an easily portable hard carry case, our Apollo Waterproof system is our larger base unit solution for links of up to 8 per system.  The systems can be linked together with another in order to extend the amount of users.  Placing antennas onto the case will also extend the range to up to 500 metres.