Athena Comms System

Award winning (Railtex 2013 Track and Infrastructure Maintenance Award) Athena Communication System. Providing two independent users point-to-point, wireless communications, guaranteed up to 100 metres apart.

The System is Network Rail Approved and we are an Achilles Link Up registered supplier.


The Athena System can be supplied for many different applications in multiple different variations:


Athena Comms System

Standard: The Standard Athena Systems have slotted domes whichallows for some environmental awareness and have a green banding. This variation provides audio through both ear domes. Communications can be supported up to 100 metres in range, from the Standard Athena. The master headset in this system can integrate with a back to back radio.





Athena Comms System

Blocked: Athena Blocked Systems are provided with enclosed ear domes – these provide 20dB of localised noise suppression. This allows for hearing protection and clearer communication between users. Suited best for particularly noisy environments where communication can suffer as a result. Provides 100 metres communication. The master headset in this system can integrate with a back to back radio.











Athena Comms System

Ultra-Light & Lighter: Athena Ultra-Lights and Lighter are both signified with a yellow band. These systems provide more localised awareness. Ultra-Lights have a standalone right ear dome which clips to a hard hat. The Lighter systems do not require a hard hat attachment, the left ear dome is fully hollow, allowing an open ear, thus extending situational awareness. Provides 100 metres communication.











Athena Comms System

Freedom: Compact design providing maximum spatial awareness in a lightweight package whilst retaining freedom of movement and communications. Weighing just 150g, the unit attaches to the back of a hard hat, boasting 100m range and achieving 24-hour battery life. The Freedom unit is compatible with any other Athena / Apollo headset or interface and is available with a series of bespoke options to create a solution for you.  Our Freedom Headset can also be integrated into Forced Air Mask with a range of interchangeable ear pieces. 


 Athena Comms System

Hybrid: We are also able to provide a system consisting of two options which are more tailored to specific working environments. These are ‘Hybrid Systems’. For example this would mean: if one user required open awareness, but the other required ear protection, you could have one Block and one Lighter headset to create your system – these have a yellow and green striped band.







 Athena Comms System

Athena Cab Kit: Cab Kit allows the operator to communicate without a headset, consisting of a speaker box with a microphone, which ultimately replaces one of the Athena Headsets. The system’s speaker projects communication from the controller, directly inside of the cab, whilst the microphone attachment gives the Operator the ability to respond, completely hands free. This allows the operator to have no noise suppression what so ever, and complete, open awareness!










Athena Comms System

Athena Water Resistant Cab Kit (WRCK): Our latest development within the Athena Cab Kit series forms a water resistant variant, this would be attached to baskets of MEWPS and other equipment open to the elements and we have integrated the system into a water resistant bag inside a high-vis carry rucksack. With all the same features of the standard Cab Kit, this variant provides a portable or hard wired system where users do not have to wear a headset, particularly useful for tasks needing full situational awareness whilst being able to communicate with a controller. 









Flight Bags: 

A small, compact orange flight bag with hi-vis panels on the side for visibility. We listened to our customers feedback and now they can be seen in the darkest of situations!

Hi-Vis Rucksacks:

Approved tear-apart Hi-Vis bags for optimum safety.

Hard Cases:

Our hard cases keep systems protected with foam interiors and a solid, robust shell.

Reinforced Antennas:

Our reinforced antennas have been proven to prevent damage that our standard aerials are prone to when the abuse of daily work gets heavy handed! The fixed joint prevents excessive strain and reduces the risk of breakage when installing or during work procedures.