Combining Systems

dBD Communications are able to supply combining systems which use common antenna working for both transmit and receive functionality. We can provide systems that fit VHF and UHF from 25 Watt – 100 Watt Power and from 138 MHz – 960 MHz Frequency Range.

Practical & compact

dBD Communications can provide Systems Solutions for all LMR & PMR applications, offering the most practical approach to full duplex combining in mobile and base station applications. These are single antenna systems. Each model includes transmitter combiner, receiver multi coupler and antenna duplexer.

The systems are delivered ready for operation with no on-site tuning or adjustment needed. Loss figures are nominal. Losses and gains per individual channel can vary over filter bandwidth.

Our Compact Integrated Combining Systems are available as 25 Watt (SYS-25), 50 Watt &100 Watt systems. By using hybrid/ferrite technology a greater variety of difficult to combine frequencies can be used in the same compact system. Standard components provide economical products with reliable, uniform performance and quick delivery times.

Contact us for systems in different frequency bands, with narrowed or expanded filter bandwidths and complex specialised combining.

Product Features

Available for up to 100 W Power Applications: VHF, UHF, 700 & 800 MHz


Up to 8 CH: For 25 W, 4 for 50 &-100 W; VHF or UHF; Adjacent Channel Possible. Even 6.25 KHz Spacing!

Suited for On-Site and Local Area: Industrial Applications for local area coverage.

Compact Size: Only 3 RU Height (5.25” Vertical Height for 25 W, 2, 3 and 4 CH Version).

Full Duplex: Ideal for New Digital RF Repeater Systems including iDAS MOTOTRBO and NXDN.


Contact us for bespoke requirements. Please find our parts list and quote specifications below.

Download our off the shelf product list here