RD965 Repeater

RD96X is Hytera's first digital/analog portable repeater that is compatible with the DMR standard. Compact and embedded with a mini duplexer, the device is fairly wieldy. It supports a range of power supply plans to guarantee uninterrupted communications during emergencies; its API and 100 Mbps network port combine to support an extended array of applications; the device provides IP67 protection, making it reliable in any hostile operating environment

Accessories Include:

  • Nylon Backpack (for portable repeater only)(black) 
  • Power Management System 
  • Power Adapter for Portable Repeater 
  • Multi-Functional Installation Bracket 
  • Waterproof Remote Speaker Microphone IP67 
  • Optional Antenna

To order accessories please state in the Notes/Comments box on Checkout.

Features include:
  • Slim and Portable
  • Built-in Duplexer
  • External Battery
  • Emergency Port
  • User-friendly Panel
  • GPS
  • Smart Battery (optional)
  • Repeater Diagnostics and Control
  • Voice Input/output via Dual Time Slots: easy for monitoring and voice recording
  • Digital/analog Compatibility and Smart Switching
  • Flexible Networking
  • Digital-analog Interconnection for Smooth Transition
  • Supports Operating both in Analog and Digital Mode
  • Upgradable Software
  • IP67 Standard
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VHF: 136 174 MHz UHF: 400 470 MHz, DMR Tier II (DMR conventional) Analog, 16 Channels, 1 Zone, 10 Ah (lithium-ion battery), approx. 8 hours Battery life, Weight 3.5 kg (without battery), Transmitting power 1 10 W (adjustable), IP67
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