RD985 Repeater

As a professional repeater built to the DMR standard, RD98X integrates user concerns and actual requirements. Powerful digital feature, remarkable service quality and considerate ergonomic design - It will refresh your communication experience!

Accessories Include:

  • Palm Microphone 
  • Desktop Microphone 
  • Build-in Duplexer Installation Kit (For DT11-DT17
  • External Power Supply (300W, backup power applicable)
  • Bracket (2U)(black)
  • Bracket (2U)(grey) 
  • Power Cord (10A 12AWG)
  • 10pin programming cable (USB) 
  • DB26 data cable (USB)
  • Omni-directional Antenna
  • Palm Microphone (IP67)
  • Back to Back Data 
  • Duplexer (Frequency: 380-470MHz; RX-TX spacing: 5-13MHz) DT11
  • Duplexer (Frequency: 160-174MHz; RX-TX spacing:5MHz) DT12
  • Duplexer (Frequency: 148-160MHz; RX-TX spacing:5MHz) DT13
  • Duplexer (Frequency: 336-370MHz; RX-TX spacing: 8-13MHz) DT14
  • Duplexer (Frequency: 136-148MHz; RX-TX spacing:5MHz) DT15
  • Duplexer (Frequency: 440-480MHz; RX-TX spacing:5MHz) DT16
  • Duplexer (Frequency: 480-512MHz; RX-TX spacing:5MHz) DT17

To order accessories please state in the Notes/Comments box on Checkout.

Features include:
  • Smart Digital-Analog Switch
  • Advanced TDMA Technology
  • Outstanding Heat Dissipation
  • Handy Management Service
  • Innovative LED Design
  • Accessory Expansion
  • Dual Slot Digital Audio Streaming
  • Analog Digital Autoswitch
  • IP Multi-site Connect
  • 50W High Power
  • Multi CTCSS/CDCSS Decode
  • Continuous Wave Identification (CWID)
  • Analog/Digital Telephone Interconnect (via DTMF signaling)
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VHF: 136 174 MHz UHF: 400 470 MHz, 16 Channels, 1 Zone, Operating temperature range -30 C to +60 C, LCD display 220 x 176 pixels, 262,000 colours, 2.0 inches, 4 lines
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