TC610 Radio

Hytera TC610 is most popular two way radio for all industries users. Its superior dust & water protection performance helps to seal out dust and water, and thus prolong radio life. In harsh, noisy and dusty working conditions such as construction sites, your radio is apt to be smudged. Hytera TC610 will bring you reliable communication and high productivity in these working conditions, and its superb waterproof performance allows you to wash off mud and dust on your radio. Other radios with poor waterproof performance may not work after you wash them. Hytera TC610 employs double injection molding, which is a technique with high difficulty coefficient and high risk. Owning to this superior technique, the radio is comfortable to handle, and it has high drop-proof performance. Non-display radios generally have no battery power indicator. The TC610 allows you to simply press one button to illuminate the tri-colour LED battery gauge, which indicates battery strength levels for more effective power management. A powerful with a diameter of 45mm (36mm for speakers of common radios) ensures superb clear, crisp sound, even in noisy environments. The battery latch structure of TC610 radios is another patent owned by HYT (Hytera). It delivers secure connection between the battery and the radio, as well as simple operation.

Accessories Include:

  • Li-ion Battery (1200mAh)
  • Ni-MH Battery (1300mAh)
  • MCU Charger
  • Switching Power (UL)
  • Strap
  • Antenna (Long)
  • Antenna (Short)
  • Earpiece with on-MIC PTT & VOX & Transparent Acoustic Tube
  • D-earset with in-Line Microphone & PTT & VOX
  • D-earset with Boom Microphone & in-Line PTT & VOX
  • Receive-only Earpiece (For use with remote speaker microphone)
  • Receive-only Earpiece with Transparent Acoustic Tube (For use with remote speaker microphone)
  • Earbud with in-Line PTT & VOX
  • Light-weight, Behind the head Earpiece with in-Line PTT & VOX
  • Programming cable (COM Port)
  • Programming cable (USB Port)
  • Universal Programming Kit
  • Light-weight, Single-Muff Headset with in-line PTT & VOX
  • Heavy Duty Noise-cancelling Headset (with screw)
  • Leather carrying case
  • Universal Chest Pack
  • Multi-unit Rapid-rate Charger
  • Switching Power (for use with UL power cords)
  • Remote Speaker Microphone

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Features include:
  • Voice Operated Transmit (VOX)
  • Channel Scan
  • Selectable Squelch Level (1-9)
  • Wired Clone
  • PC Programmable
  • Time-out Timer
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Battery Save
  • Monitor
  • Programmable 12.5kHz / 25kHz Channel Spacing
  • High/Low Power Switchable
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136-174 MHz 400-420 MHz 440-470MHz 450-470MHz 350-390 MHz, 16 Channels, 1200 mAh (Li-ion), Battery Life More Than 9 Hours, 1300mAh Ni-MH battery (optional) 2000mAh Li-Ion battery (optional), IP66 compliance
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