X1E Radio

Hytera X1e Covert Radio, fully compliant to DMR open standard of ETSI, emerges as the world’s smallest full power DMR radio. Perfect combination of structural rigidity, versatile functionalities, and refined design; secure communication ensured by AES encryption algorithm & 256 digits dynamic encryption key*, convenient application development facilitated by built-in Bluetooth*1 and USB port, and worry-free handling achieved by IP67 protection.

Accessories Include:

  • 3-wire Surveillance Earpiece with Transparent Acoustic Tube(Beige)
  • BT Ring PTT
  • Wireless Earpiece With Dual-PTT
  • NiTi Antennna
  • Blet Clip
  • Belt Charger
  • 1400mAh Li-ion battery
  • MCU dual-pocket charger
  • Radio Vest
  • Digital Wireless Covert Earpiece (Flatpack Sensor)
  • Digital Wireless Covert Earpiece With in-Line Controller (Neckloop Sensor)
  • Remote C-Earset

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Features include:
  • Rugged & reliable
  • IP67 compliance
  • Software upgradable
  • Rich signaling
  • Vibration
  • Versatile voice calls
  • Dual modes (analog & digital)
  • GPS positioning
  • Open USB interface
  • Support Hytera Bluetooth earpieces
  • Advanced encryption
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VHF: 136-174MHz, UHF1: 400-470MHz, UHF3: 350-400MHz, 32 Channels, 1100mAh (Li-Ion) Battery, Digital: Above 10 Hours Battery Life, IP67 Standard
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