Wireless Communication Solutions for Construction Civils Applications

Crane Control 

Phoenix 1 

Construction CivilsPhoenix 1 allows a Slinger Signaller to be 'handsfree' whilst transmitting and speaking to the crane Operator (the radio would be clipped onto a belt or put in a pocket), allowing the Slinger Signaller to be able to assist in guiding the loads etc.  It would be dependent on the radio that the "handsfree" transmitting option can be anything up to 9 minutes.

The Phoenix 1 switch box can be clipped onto a lapel giving easy and remote access to the PTT (Push to Talk)function on the radio, an interface connector allows a selection of earpieces, headsets or remote speaker mic.

During operations, if the Slinger Signaller forgets to take the radio off transmit, the Supervisor can interrupt the transmission and free up the channel for others to use.

Phoenix 2

The Phoenix 2 system allows the Radio Operator easy remote access to the PTT facility by a remote switch, which can be placed in a convenient position whilst the radio is clipped onto a belt or put in a pocket. An interface connector allows a selection of earpieces, headsets or remote speaker mic to be used.

If during an emergency the Radio Operator wants to raise the alarm using the 'Crash' emergency channel, immediate access is achieved by pressing the red button on the remote switch.  This will automatically change the radio channel selection from the current one to the emergency channel and put the radio into transmit mode without having to manually select on the radio and press the PTT. 

Single Plant Control

Construction Civils

Our wireless duplex communication systems have been produced to assist the communication path between Banksman and machine Operator.  Both the Banksman and Operator have the ability to wear various different styles of headsets, dependent on the task they are performing. 

The machine Operator, where appropriate, can have the ability to have a microphone and speaker fitted inside of the machine, instead of wearing a headset known as our Cab Kit system.

Construction Civils Construction Civils Construction Civils Construction Civils

Multiple Plant Control 

Construction Civils On large civil construction sites, it is appreciated that many plant vehicles have various different tasks they have to perform simultaneously.  When it is established which machines and personnel need communication connectivity, we can provide wireless duplex communications between these groups of people, known as our Apollo system.  

There is also a need to have an overarching communication channel that connects everybody which can be embedded with the use of back to back radios.