Wireless Communication Solutions Construction Applications

Construction SolutionsAs market leader for Wireless Duplex Communications in construction applications, find here typical scenario solutions to reduce safety risks around machinery and high noise environments.  

Traditionally, back to back radios have been utilised on construction sites to provide communication channels.  The fundamental disadvantage of this system is that only one person can talk at any one time on the specific channel.  In 2008 this was recognised as a concern specifically on rail networks and pre-empted the mandate for duplex communication solutions.  

Wireless duplex communication solutions allow anybody linked to the net to be able to talk at any time. This reduces risks, especially around heavy and noisy plant machinery.  

With over 2 million variants, dBD Communications can match every task required on a construction site with a communication solution.  To date we have supplied over 8,000 systems into the construction market with great success.

The products within our portfolio categorise into 3 areas which are:

  • Athena 2 users
  • Apollo 3 - 16 users
  • Minerva multiple users but dependent on connectivity to alternative comms system.