Our Services

Since dBD Communications conception, the skills of business development and senior management coaching has been an active area we have offered to selected clients. Customer engagement, market analysis, capture planning and account management are all disciplines on offer.

With a proven track record in a number of campaigns and actions, we can offer professional services to increase business activity for our selected clients. The services we offer in this area are generally on recommendation as we treat customer confidentially very high within our mantra.

We can also offer system and design engineering in communication systems for RF and Microwave up to 18GHz. We have a number of personnel that can either work on a project by project rate, or over a contracted period of time.

Hardware, system configuration, amplifier design, antenna design are all areas we can assist in.

Below are short resumes of some of our partner consultants:

Business Development & Acquisition Support

Accumulating nearly 20 years in Sales and Marketing environments, this consultant has over 10 years of direct activity as a contractor with a proven track record in Business Development.

Key skills include:

Senior Customer Engagement, Account Management, Capture Planning, Adjacent Market Evaluation, New Customer Stream Development, New Market Penetration, Product Development.

Market sector experience includes:

Defence/Aerospace/Radio Communications/Training/Mobile Phone infrastructure/Broadcast/Railway/Naval/Automotive/Test and Measurement.

Results have included: doubling company turnover, penetration of adjacent market sector with existing and new product lines, penetration of completely new markets with new and existing products, senior account management with work share growth for client.

Senior Management Consultant

This consultant has worked at every level of the defence and security sectors, from an operational and regional level to the board room, delivering solutions to customers, end users and business. Specialising in CBRN, also involved in many different aspects of defence, counter terrorism and security. This covers civil defence, major events (Olympics and World Cup Soccer, Commonwealth Heads of Government Conferences), transport infrastructure, key installations and vulnerable points.

He has headed a trade association working with governments to reform attitudes to government/agency/industry relations and procurement reform. Spearheaded negotiations to rationalise and simplify legislation in relation to export control, control of chemicals and chemical warfare.

Operated extensively overseas: leading deployed BD, marketing and customer support teams through two Gulf wars, several threat increases, the aftermath of 9/11 and a number of UN deployments. It was these to support governments and international organizations e.g. UN and OPCW.

Skills include team leadership, market analysis, sales, marketing and business development, senior customer and partner engagement, capture management; new business development, holistic and systems based solutions, market development and offset.

Senior Strategy Consultant

This consultant is experienced in difficult IT programme management, where the technology creates opportunity for step changes in business performance but also challenges current practices. He is particularly effective at using risk cases to persuade business, especially government, to make best use of COTS technology.


Delivered information risk cases, privacy impact assessments and data protection act compliance for National DNA Database and the Vetting and Barring Scheme.

Built risk models and mitigation processes for the clearance of unexploded ordnance from ranges in South Africa both to prioritise tasks and to build evidence for land re-use.

Managed the customer interface with the supplier at point of delivery for the UK MoD multibillion IT transformation programme called Bowman.

This consultant was a Team leader for a Niteworks, embedding risk mitigation into the heart of UK MoD’s Network Technical Authority.

Business Development and Procurement Support

With over 25 years of service in the Army, with the final third in senior operational requirements and procurement roles, this consultant has also worked for several years in business development and procurement consultancy roles with British and international companies.

Key skills include key customer engagement, capture planning, putting together winning teams, product development, bid strategy and presentation.

Market sector experience includes defence, security, counter-terrorism, surveillance, communications and training.

Results have included major contract wins, development of new market sectors, the creation of new and profitable relationships between companies, and the significant enhancement of client profiles leading to new business.