Apollo Product release

Apollo Product release

September 2013 

System Includes:

x3/4 headsets, In-Vehicle DC Charger, AC Mains Charger, x3/4 antennas, bag/container, the system.
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Product Release:
Apollo System





dBD Communications have a multi-usercommunication system which can provide clear, concise communication for up to 4 users.


Our system is completely wireless and hands-free,allowing for all users to beuntethered and un-restricted by any leads while working. Allowing more focus to be on the job at hand.





See below for information on our systems!


The Apollo Communication System is very similar to our Award Winning AthenaCommunication System, which offers communication for up to two users at 100 metres apart. The main difference between the two systems is that the Apollo System provides communication for up to 4 users.
This setup is suitable for many work applications including Tandem Lifting where communication between 3 users is required. The Apollo System is completelywireless and hands-free, utilising Bluetooth Technology.
The system includes: the three/four headsets, an AC & DC charging system which allows all three to be charged simultaneously, x 3/4 antennas, and multiple bag/container options.


Any accessories can be bought separately, we can also provide Hygiene Packs for the systems.


For more information please visit our website where more audio communication capability is listed.