August 2013 - Our Wireless Headset Systems

August 2013 - Our Wireless Headset Systems

August 2013



As you may have heard a couple of months back dBD won the Railtex award for Track and Infrastructure Maintenance with our wireless communication system Athena. We will be giving you more information about Athena in this issue alongside our other communication products and accessories. We will be featuring Hermes, our multi user system that was granted product approval a couple of months ago, this allows up to 30 users to communicate for up to a mile apart. Apollo, our other multi-user system, allows up to 3 users to communicate for up to 100 metres away from one another. MUTA is an audio accessory which is compatible with any of our wireless headset systems. It is a useful little device that allows ambient noise to be cancelled out of an area when listening through the headsets. Minerva is our marshalling headset, optimally used by Aircraft Marshalls, however ground handlers and engineers could also find this system a great solution to communication issues in their work areas.

dBD Communications visited the National Track Plant Exhibition recently where we were actively demoing systems with Network Rail and McCulloch Rail. Please find some images below of the great time we head at the show this year, it was truly an amazing experience!

Hope you all enjoy what is left of the summer, it won’t be long before we’ll need to get the coats out again!

Matt Mason
Marketing Administrator Apprentice
dBD Communications
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Athena Communication System  



award-winning Athena Communication System has really started to grow in usage in the rail industry since our product approval early last year. Since then we have had some great feedback from various rail companies using our system for track side work, such as ‘Babcock Rail, Keltbray, Railway Drainage Limited, Network Rail, Carillion and more!




With increasing interest in our system we decided further innovation of our product, to make life for our customers easier, was the best way to develop the Athena System and make it an ideal solution for making work on the track side safer and more efficient.

Recently we have developed multiple variations of the Athena System which are built for customer preference and tailored to suit specific jobs. These four variations pose no additional cost and remain the same price as our original, standard system.
Here are the 4 variations we have available:                                       Click the image below for a PDF


We are always continuing to think about and develop more ideas that can make our Athena System more apt and user friendly, look out for more innovations from us in the future!




Apollo Communication System
Click the image below for a PDF 



This is our multi-user headset system, designed for situations such as Tandem Lifting where communication between 3 users is required. This system is able to support this as three headsets are connected and able to communicate with one another. Similar to our Athena System, the Apollo System allows communication for up to 100 metres apart. This, like our other systems, is completely wireless and hands-free – allowing more focus on the work at hand.
Hermes Communication System



Hermes is our other multi-user communication system which utilises two   Wi-Fi puddles in order to allow communication for 

up to a mile apart for up to 30 users to communicate simultaneously with one another. This system has an approval certificate under the PA number: 


PA05/05631. For more information on either of our multi-user systems

please click the image to the right to find 

the attached PDF document.






                    Minerva Communications System 
Click the image below for a PDF
 Recently our Minerva System has been re-engineered for use in rail applications: 


The Minerva Systems are designed to allow the operators to become un-tethered from their work station and move away over 100 Metres while still remaining in communications contact. We of course still supply the original Minerva System which optimally provides a means of communication between the Aircraft Marshall and Pilot without the need for any wires or leads getting in the way. This system also provides up to 100 metres of distance between the users.



Click the image below for PDF  


 MUTA is an audio accessory that we can offer with most of our headset systems. The MUTA application will plug into the system and upon the simple push of a button, all ambient noise will be cancelled out, however the headset will still recognise speech, ensuring that communications can continue to run smooth and clear.
For more information on our Audio Systems, please visit our website!
National Track Plant Exhibition
Our Summary 


dBD Communications were invited to attend the exhibition and are pleased to report it was a great success.

The ability to demonstrate the versatility of our audio product lines, specifically Athena and Apollo, gave us  

tremendous showcase opportunities by allowing various tasks to utilise our systems, great benefit was achieved,  

and we look forward to the next event with eager anticipation.



Specific areas of application were usage on the Babcock renewal demonstration, the operation of the TRAC





system and demonstrated on the flash but welder system being operated by Network Rail.




Toni Avis

dBD Communications,
Sales Operations Administrator Apprentice

 “This was a great couple of days to see how our equipment is being used within the rail community. I am new to the industry and starting my career and found this event a great learning experience.“