Multiple products now released!

Multiple products now released!


Multi-User, Completely Hands-Free, 100 Metres Range


The Apollo Communication System is very similar to our Award Winning Athena Communication System, which offers communication for up to two users at 100 metres apart. The main difference between the two systems is that the Apollo System provides communication for up to 4 users.

This setup is suitable for many work applications including Tandem Lifting where communication between 3 users is required. The Apollo System is completely wireless and hands-free, utilising Bluetooth Technology.


The system includes:

 the three/four headsets, an AC & DC charging system which allows all three to be charged simultaneously, x 3/4 antennas, and multiple bag/container options.

 Any accessories can be bought separately, we can also provide Hygiene Packs for the systems.


Please see our PDF Document for more information on the system’s capability:




dBD Communications can supply radios and systems to help with communication. The Motorola Radios that we offer can be attached to our Wireless Headset Systems (such as Athena, Minerva & Apollo). 

These systems can be integrated into a variety of environments which require the individuals working to be able to communicate effectively.

These can be utilised as mobile, fixed and handheld radio systems for use in the public and private sector. These can include trunked or simplex radio circuits, with a complete turnkey package or additional radios to support an existing network.

Rental agreements are also available on request.

For more information please do not hesitate to


dBD Communications offer a range of vehicular, portable and fixed site antennas. We can supply: Multiband, Surface Mount, Covert, Specific Device, Glass Mount, Magnet Mount, Mobile, Directional, Military and more.

These come in many different shapes and sizes, some example are: ¼ Wave Whip Antennas, Helical, Yagis, Dipoles, Arrays, Patch Antennas, Omni-Directional, Multi Modes, WIFI, GSM, GPS, RF Solutions Products.

We can fit connectors to meet your need, some examples would be: N-types, 7/16s, BNC, TNC, SMA, UFL Connectors and MMCX.

To ensure we meet your specific requirements please contact us directly or alternatively fill out our online product requirement form. Click the request a quote button to enquire about our antennas specifically.

SMW-UMB Series
The SMW-UMB Series hosts Multiband antennas with 3 – cables, 1575 MHz, 800-2700 MHz & 2.4 GHz. This cable covers GPS, Cellular, AWS, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Public Safety 4.9 & DSRC 5.9 GHz.
Covert Antennas – CVS-925/1800
This antenna is suited for Cellular GSM/CDMA, ISM & Wi-Fi. They are designed for covert use for in/on a vehicle or any type of embedded/surface application. These antennas are compact, yet provide a 2.5 dBi gain performance. The design makes this antennas weather resistant, so outdoor applications are just as suitable as indoor.


These antennas offer up to 2.3 dBi gain with semi-flexible radome and adjustable knuckle. The Halfwave design allows the antennas to require no groundplane, and all models fit GSM/CDMA wireless modems. The sleek molded profile comes with a choice of SMA or TNC Connector types.


This month’s items:
FTR MD BANDREJECT 200-400MHz 50Ohm N Female – Old Stock – This item is a part of our ‘old stock’ range. In this range you can find old parts which have been lying around and we’ve decided to sell on at a reasonable price. This particular part is a Band Reject Filter from Trilithic which hosts a frequency range of 200-400MHz, it works at 50 Ohm and as standard is fitted with N Female connectors. If you require more information on this product then send us an email at: – or call us here on: +44(0)1268 449781.


ATT MD 25W DC-4GHz 20dB N male/Nfemale – Non RoHs compliant – This product is a Trilithic Attenuator which works at 25 Watts and hosts a frequency range of DC-4GHz. 20dB, N Male/N Female connectors – be aware that this product is Non RoHs.

If you require more information on this product then send us an email at: – or call us here on: +44(0)1268 449781.



EPCBL-E0811-3.94. These cables are slightly out of spec due to the 8.1mm connectors. Length is 3.94 inches. 100MM SMA-SMA 8.1 CON DC-3GHz – Connectors are SMA-SMA and frequency ranges from DC-3GHz.  

If you require more information on this product then send us an email at: – or call us here on: +44(0)1268 449781.


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