Apollo - Another success story from dBD!

Apollo - Another success story from dBD!

dBD Communications are delighted to announce that our Apollo Communication System is really becoming another success story for us, following the success of our Audio Communication System, Athena.

The Athena Communication gained Network Rail Approval a couple of years ago and has ever since been further developing and making a name for itself in the rail industry. The Apollo System is also proving successful, with over 90 hours of trial activity, we have received positive feedback and hope to transition from a temporary PA to a full PA in the coming months.


90+ Hours of Successful Trials!
Our Apollo Communication System has undergone many successful trials over the past few months with companies including: Network Rail, Balfour Beatty, Carillion and more.Just recently Network Rail have been purchasing our Apollo Systems which is currently on a Temporary Product Approval Certificate.The feedback we have received is absolutely fantastic and allowed us to construct a better, more flexible system. 
Following on from our success at the Back to Work show last month, this month we were invited to attend the Crossrail show.
Using a similar set up we had yet another chance to promote our Athena Communication systems.
The show was very successful and we met a great deal of great people. We look forward to events like this in the future as we feel that these shows are an excellent way to meet with the rail community.



We are also proud to announce our latest design in regard to the Athena System: Ultra Light. The Athena Ultra Light is mounted to a hard hat and consists of only one ear dome and microphone. Working in exactly the same way as the Standard Athena, the Ultra Lights provide duplex comms for up to 100 metres, but allow one ear to be uncovered at all times, allowing users to hear surrounding noise much easier.