Athena 1000 is in the field!

Athena 1000 is in the field!

We understand with the new regulations for POS and the various levels of command through the management chain, effective communications is mandated throughout. Our headsets can provide the interfaces to ensure the various needs are met.
Over 1000 Systems Delivered

Cab Kit, Apollo and Athena are now under a full Network Rail Approval Certificate (PA05/04962). To see our full updated PA Certificate, please follow this link.

The equipment variants total in excess of 11 million systems. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to define the most suitable system for your application.
It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication from the team to bring these systems to where they are today, and it is good to see that our communication systems are continuing to be a valued asset within the rail industry, and making workplace environments safer as a result.


dBD Communications now offer Technical Support Services. By providing this service, we aim to contribute towards a safer, more efficient working environment. All maintenance of audio equipment on site will be taken care of by a member of dBD staff, allowing site personnel to work and carry out site duties without interruption.


Tasks Include:

– Charging of Radios, Headsets and Audio Equipment.
– Equipment Management and Control.
– Any queries about the equipment or faults can be dealt with on site, instantly.


– On-Site repairs of equipment.
– Keeping the equipment clean and functional.
– Installation of specific equipment.