Reaching new altitudes - dBD moves into the airfield

Reaching new altitudes - dBD moves into the airfield

Communications for Ground Handling & Aircraft Marshalling


Minerva Communication System 



A Wireless Communication Solution 



Providing up to 100 Metres Communications


The Minerva Communication system is a proven solution with use on the A380 aircraft. It has been used for full wing walk and tail inspection and achieved no loss of communications when trialed and tested. Options are available for live open mic and push to talk functions for the Marshalls. Each headset offers 20 dB of noise suppression for users, allowing background noise to be reduced and communications between the flight deck and Marshall to be heard clearer through the headset. 
   Key Features include: 


  Multiple connector types available with our  system.

 – Works up to 100 metres apart.


 Provides freedom of movement.

2 user & 4 user Wireless Intercom Capabilities:

We can also provide headset to headset solutions for use around the apron, for example: deicing pairs. Another solution is a 4 user wireless intercom system which will allow independent co-workers open mic duplex communications when on the apron also.