A Day in the Life of an Apprentice Presentations - Councillor David Dadds Visit to the Facilities

A Day in the Life of an Apprentice Presentations - Councillor David Dadds Visit to the Facilities

dBD Communications had organised an event over lunch time on Thursday 16th August 2018 to celebrate the success of their four apprentices, Molly Hiron, Robyn Pezaro and Marina Wright completing their first year of working within an office environment and Kirt Morgan who has been with the company for over three years. 

The apprenticeship agencies dBD Communications have used are The LightBulb and Apprenticeship Connect and the apprentices’ mentors were present throughout the duration of the event, as well as The Mayor of Basildon, Councillor David Dadds. 

Each apprentice presented what they have learnt and found useful to their career in their first year of their apprenticeship.  The Mayor had commented highly positive outcomes on their achievements and also expressed that he himself had learnt so much more during these presentations than he was aware of around apprenticeships initially and the event had certainly been an eye-opener.

All four presented extremely well and exceeded expectations of the attendees. 

The Mayor enjoyed particular parts of each of the presentations:

Kirt Morgan because “he wasn’t planning for today; he was planning for tomorrow”

Molly Hiron because “she juggles so many hats, more than initially anticipated”

Robyn Pezaro for “showing exceptional entrepreneurial traits despite her experience”

Marina Wright’s slogan “earn as you learn” and “showing a high level of confidence”


Amanda O’Connell, Operations Director of dBD Communications stated “apprenticeships are a very good way for young people to learn and dBD Communications believe in apprentices being given the opportunity to have a real job”.  


Margaritte Arkell from Apprenticeship Connect wrote:

“I am very proud of the achievements of my apprentices so far.  They delivered their presentations with much professionalism as well as informative content.  They have grown in their time at dBD Communications and secured permanent contracts. I have no doubt that they will continue to grow within the organisation.”


Nathan Norris from The LightBulb wrote:

"It's great to see such a supporting environment for young people and that is evidenced by how much these learners have progressed and developed. dBD Communications has a fantastic training and support program for all apprentices, and sets the standard to which all businesses should strive to achieve" 


dBD Communications continue to grow as a business and strive to support the local community with offering apprenticeship programmes and work experience. 


Two apprentices have been offered permanent positions within the business whilst employee, Kirt Morgan will put into practice the management approaches learnt throughout his course.  The fourth apprentice is staying with the company to enhance further progression by completing a level 3 apprenticeship.