Managed Service - Support day and night

Managed Service - Support day and night

Here at dBD Communications we offer 24Hr support for all of our products. Providing technical support and equipment control for back-to-back shifts, ensuring equipment readiness, cleanliness and charged state. We also ensure accountability and traceability of our systems.

Arriving on site we make sure we have all relevant equipment and spares for constant deployment. We can also manage and maintain your existing fleet.

Cleanliness is important to us at dBD Communications. Every piece of equipment is given a thorough service before it is next sent out for use. Anti-bacterial wipes can be issued on request. We want each system to look brand new no matter how many times it is used, or has been sent out.

We make sure all Systems and Radios are fully charged and ready to be used at all times.

Managed Service helps the efficiency of your shift as your equipment is always ready for service operation and someone is always on site if something goes wrong, so can provide support and assistance.

If you think Managed Service may benefit your shifts, then please get in contact with our friendly Sales Team today.