dBD Communications Provide Radio Support for Local Charity Fun Run

dBD Communications Provide Radio Support for Local Charity Fun Run

dBD Communications look at various types of events, local committee, charity, school fetes, runs and festivals etc. to provide support and services. The communications we supply are dependent on the type of event and distance between Marshalls.

In June this year, dBD Communications supported the local Boxted 2k, 5k and 10k Charity Fun Run for the second year running by supplying Marshalls with our radio solutions.

All Marshalls were fully briefed on how to use the radios efficiently by Brian Doolin, who has also been in attendance during previous years. Unfortunately, shortly after the run had started, an emergency was alerted through the radios. A man had collapsed and started having a seizure during the 10k route and an Ambulance had to be called on site. Over the radio, the Marshall was able to communicate the location of the incident in order for the Ambulance to arrive promptly. The radio alert was answered within seconds and a message that the alert had been received and the Ambulance had been dispatched was relayed back to the Marshall. 

dBD Communications Provide Radio Support for Local Charity Fun RunComments on the radio support were:

"This was a very good example of good radio procedures and the person in question was cool, calm and collective and able to guide the ambulance to the position in question." 

"Due to the remoteness of the location, someone would have had to move uphill for a phone signal and this would have added to the vital minutes of response".

"The radio was invaluable and has probably saved a life, his condition was serious" 

We are very pleased to hear that the man has thankfully made a full recovery and that our radios had supported such a serious incident.

A huge £7,800 was raised from this event to support a local school, we are so pleased the event was another success and wish the school the best of luck.

If you are interested in communication support for your events, please get in touch with us.  For more information on our services please visit Our Services page.