Important Safety Notice from Network Rail

Important Safety Notice from Network Rail

IMMEDIATE ACTION required for the use of full digital duplex communications by Network Rail Safety Central after serious incident. 

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dBD Communications can assist your business in providing duplex communication solutions to prevent these types of incidents occurring.  We supply a variety of headset or radio solutions dependent on the application required and can accommodate up to 16 users at any one time. 
Important Safety Notice from Network Rail As the Safety Advice notice specified Mini-Diggers, we highly recommend our Cab Kit system when operating Mini-Diggers.
Our Cab Kit is a hands-free wireless solution for the Cab Drivers. As shown in the image to the right, the Cab Kit speaker can be fitted temporarily or permanently within the cab, with a microphone placed via a sucker cup on the window positioned in an appropriate place for the Cab Driver to communicate back to the Controller. 
Important Safety Notice from Network Rail
The Controller outside of the cab can communicate to the Cab Driver via our Athena headsets. The most popular headset styles utilised within the rail industry are the Athena Lighter or Athena Freedom solutions. We also have the ability for multiple machines to be able to communicate together via the Cab Kits.
The Lighter variant gives users an increased situational awareness by having a slotted ear dome. 
Important Safety Notice from Network Rail The Freedom headset is a light weight option which can be placed on the back of a hard hat or integrated into a Forced Air Mask, therefore retaining freedom of movement whilst remaining in communication.
dBD Communications also offer Managed Service. This service provides 24/7 on site support, ensuring your equipment readiness.
Our staff are responsible for the distribution of systems, traceability, cleanliness and charging and are also there to support any technical difficulties that may occur during works.

All of our duplex communication systems can be worn underneath hard hats and provide at least 100m range and 24 hours of battery.