Minerva System

Our Minerva Communication System consists of a wireless extension to existing intercoms. Originally developed for aircraft marshalling, we have broadened our capability and developed further variations for the system which can be used in the Rail Industry.

The Minerva system successfully untethers the users from the aircraft or vehicle, promoting freedom of movement across the working area with the ability to incorporate latch function and dual PTT (press to talk) for use with back-to-back radios. Minerva is making modern advancements in the communications industry with emphasis upon safety at work and the importance of communication devices within high noise and low-visibility conditions.

Minerva System


Minerva System

For more information on these variations please contact us, we can also develop further bespoke opportunities.

Communications is supported for up to 100 metres.

24 hour battery life.

Uses closed Bluetooth link, providing a shield against RF interference often found on airfields which wireless comms tend to suffer.

Flight Bag:
A compact, easy to store option for the Minerva System – hi-vis side panels available.

Reinforced Antennas and gel ear cups are also available to purchase.