Pushback and Maintenance Communication Solutions

Pushback and Maintenance Communication SolutionsMinerva Air 

Providing wireless communication, the Minerva Air system allows for freedom of movement during wing walks, inspections and engineering tasks without being restricted.  The Minerva Air system is our highly versatile wireless pushback system addressing technical challenges on the ground for airside operations. The system is a proven solution for many aircraft types including B787 and A380. 

In a single man operation, the wireless headset will be worn by the Tug Driver and in two man operations, the Marshal.  In this case, normal hand signals will continue between the Marshal and the Driver, whilst the Flight Deck communicates via the Momentary Microphone button. 

We are also able to provide a 2 or 3-way splitter cable, allowing for multiple users to be able to communicate with the operating team.  Examples of this could be training, wing walking maintaining contact with all ground personnel, towing where both Tug Driver and up to 2 other Operatives can all communicate with the Brake Rider.   

Communication to either ground movements or ATC tower can be achieved by integrating the specific radio into the headset so that both Flight Deck and radio can be heard simultaneously. 

Pushback and Maintenance Communication Solutions

Minerva Ajax

The Minerva Ajax is an alternate solution for wireless pushback communication. Utilising the mouth shield, it reduces the effect of background noise.   

A momentary mic button has been placed onto the mouth shield.  Both the Minerva Ajax and Minerva Air system have the same radio capability and a certified hearing protection of 27dB.


Pushback and Maintenance Communication Solutions TIGAR Pushback System

Appreciating the importance of operational readiness within the air industry, this multi-user system was designed to incorporate wireless duplex communications between various ground staff including TCO, Team Leader, Gate and other facilities in order to reduce the duration of turnaround operations.

Utilising a wireless system, this allows the whole team to communicate whilst roaming freely around the aircraft for up to 500 metres line of sight.

It is well known wihtin the industry that enhancing turnaround time is a key target for individual airports and airlines, whilst also benefiting the Ground Handlers.  One slight delay to de-boarding, unloading, servicing, security checks and parking/pushback could affect the whole operation and on-time performance KPI's.

Our existing products have been utilised to create this system so the product readiness state and TRL is very high and confidence can be had in the system.

Helios Tug System

The Helios system is wirelessly connected to the Minerva interface that is plugged into the aircraft in order to communicate to the Flight Deck. 

This system comes with a fist mic and the speaker can be fitted internally.  On request, you are able to remove the microphone link, should the operational lead prefer the Tug Driver to only listen to the operation, rather than communicating back to the team.

Pushback and Maintenance Communication Solutions