Wireless Communication Solutions 
for Airside Applications


Support Services for dBD Communications Audio Products. 


Managed Service


Technical Support 

 Technical Support


For the duration of the works we offer full tracking on our Audio and Radio communications, signing in and out equipment, preventing loss.


Servicing & Repairs

We provide on-site servicing and repairs allowing your fleet to stay maintained and ready to work with you.

Technical Support

 Technical Support


Part of what we ensure throughout a managed service is equipment cleanliness. We sanitise equipment after use using anti bacterial wipes to maintain a constant level of cleanliness



We can offer an installation service to make sure you are up and running with reliable communications fitted correctly whatever the application.

Technical Support 
 Technical Support 

On Site Support

Nobody knows our equipment better than us, we provide on-site support for our systems making sure they are operating correctly and continue doing so for the duration of the works.



We provide training for all of our systems both on site and here at dBD to ensure correct use of the equipment.

 Technical Support
Technical Support 


To keep you running efficiently we are here to make sure our communications equipment is ready when you need it, we keep systems charged and clean so you don't have to.


24hr Phone Support

24hr phone support means we can assist you around the clock in the case of communications failure.

 Technical Support


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