Continuous Innovation

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Under Development


The wireless duplex communication product range at dBD communications started as 2 products and has developed to have a catalogue of various different product ranges with numerous configurable options.

The business is continuously developing further products to expand the product portfolio even further, in addition to improving performance and suitability on existing product ranges.

In addition to developing new products we are also able to develop bespoke designs for specific customer needs.

With a structured internal project team aligning to PRINCE2 guidelines, the innovation each year is monitored through the Quality Management System which is ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

Currently, we have a variety of projects under development and the benefits of each one have been listed below:

        1.    Multi user communication solution for airside operation maintenance and control groups

        2.    Permanent transmit communication solution also allowing Supervisor to override transmission

        3.    Hands-free emergency crash channel switch for radio operations

        4.    Hand-free pushback communication solution for Ground Handling operations

        5.    Emergency intercom backup solution for existing intercom systems

        6.    Communication solutions whilst wearing RPE

        7.    Communication solution to increase turnaround time during Ground Handling operations

Keep an eye on this page of our website where we will be advertising our projects products before they are launched to the market.