Do You Require Short Term Communications?

Renting Wireless Communications Systems Can Provide An Excellent Short Term Solution

Purchasing our wireless communication solutions can offer fantastic benefits when you have an ongoing requirement to ensure your team of operatives are consistently working efficiently and safely. But what about when you only require a temporary solution?

Many of our Athena, Apollo and radio systems are available for hire

Our rental assets are fully serviced on return of hire, ready for the next hire period. This includes all sections of our 10 step cleaning guide.

We have a huge rental fleet available which means we have a very fast response time in order to make sure our customers are supplied with their equipment. Our rental fleet also includes RPE equipment. We can help with any technical questions over the telephone where required. If you place an order with us, please ensure your order is received by 12pm in order to qualify for same day shipment. 

Our rental products also come with a number of additional benefits:

Hygiene Pack

For an added level of protection, we supply individually wrapped mic muffs and ear covers for each user to apply. This is why our rental equipment is now being supplied without mic muffs. For hygiene reasons, these will need to be purchased separately.

Hygiene Managed Service Visit

We can come to you. We’ll visit your facilities and carry out an inspection and deep clean of equipment, including mic muff changes of any assets presented to us. Time permitting, we’ll also be on hand to carry out 1st line repairs on the day.

Additional Rental Fleets

We can arrange for rental assets to be delivered before your works delivery is planned. These can then be shipped back and cleaned, ready for the next weekend task. Note: mic muffs will need to be purchased by the client as rental assets are supplied without these attached.

If you’d like to speak to us about your requirements and enquire about our rental services, please contact our sales team:

call: +44 (0)1268 724617

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