Introducing The dBD Communications Managed Services

dBD Communications have been a supplier of Network Rail since receiving product approval of duplex communications systems known as Athena and Apollo in December 2011.

Since this time, products and services have developed vastly. As well as supplying the industry with duplex communications, dBD Communications also support the industry by offering Managed Services during weekends, bank holidays and blockade shifts. 

Managed Service capabilities include:

Pre Organisation The External and Internal Sales Team will work with customers to ensure everything is planned for the shifts ahead of time, ensuring everything runs smoothly.  This will include equipment needs, shift timings, site location/s, site surveys where necessary, personnel and site manager details and full understanding of terms and conditions,

Asset management Providing full traceability of communication equipment deployed with a sign in and out monitoring process. Asset management can also cover customers’ existing fleet. This solution holds personnel accountable for their equipment and is easy for the Site Manager to track if not returned.

Equipment readiness Ensuring all relevant equipment and spares are available for constant deployment for the duration of shifts ensuring no downtime occurs. 

Equipment cleanliness Every product is given a thorough service and clean before it is sent out for use and again during shift changes.  Additional anti-bacterial wipes can be issued on request.

Fully charged battery All systems including radios will be fully charged and ready to use at all times.  In incidents where a system will need recharging, swap outs are available.  For radios, spare batteries are also supplied.  The Athena and Apollo products have a 24 hour battery life.

dBD Communications Managed Services

As well as the services provided, a variety of duplex communication solutions are supplied during Managed Services.  This can include forced air mask solutions, protecting users from high levels of silicone dust during ballast operations.  There are multiple solutions available for this operation which incorporate the duplex Athena systems and with our new innovative cable mic which negates the need for the previous throat mic.

Athena systems are utilised in 2 user operations, with multiple headset variants consisting of Athena Blocked with 20dB noise protection, Athena Lighter providing situational awareness with a hollow left ear dome, Athena Freedom providing maximum situational awareness and freedom of movement by placing on the back of a hard hat, Athena Standard with slight situational awareness integrated, Athena Ultra-Light clipped ear domes onto a hard hat with microphone options and the Athena Cab Kit, a suitable speaker system which is fitted into a cab of plant machinery.  All of these systems can be combined with one another, ensuring users have the most suitable solution for the relevant application. .

dBD Communications Managed Services

Apollo systems are utilised for multiple user operations.  The Apollo Phantom headset has the ability to link from headset to headset and is the preferred multiple user system when a base station is not required.  The Flight Bag Apollo consists of a small base station solution allowing for up to 4 users.  The Apollo Peli system has a larger base station and can be utilised for operations requiring 4 to 16 users with the ability to add larger antennas for extended range. 

Back to back radio systems are also offered during Managed Services. When utilising radios in tunnel environments, a free site survey will be carried out in order to scope where repeaters will be needed and identify any complications, this also assists in understanding the range required.  A variety of microphone and ear accessories are offered when utilising radio systems.  

We also monitor all back to back radio traffic to ensure no problems occur during operations.

If you would like further information on the services dBD Communications provide, or to book a Managed Service, please contact +44 (0)1268 724 617 or via SALES@DBDCOMMUNICATIONS.CO.UK 

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