Pointing The Spotlight On Our Engineering Team

dBD Communications has over 140 years worth of engineering experience. We decided to interview our Engineers to find out more…

dBD Communications' Engineers

David, our Managing Director, has spent over 40 years within the engineering industry. He predominately worked within systems engineering but has also been involved in hardware subsystem and component levels.

David’s greatest achievement is the implementation of a successful design of a flexible system to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on UK rail infrastructure, by incorporating various duplex communication systems.

In the late 70’s, there were many job opportunities available in the marketplace. David took an interest in engineering as it had good prospects, stable working environments and challenges to overcome that looked exciting. He enjoys designing systems that a user without a communication background can easily use and trust in.

dBD Communications' Engineers

Andrew has spent 13 and a half years working within the engineering environment. He previously worked on more precision engineering including cylindrical grinding machines and vertical hone boring machines, however he is now more of an electronic and RF Engineer.

Andrew’s greatest achievement in both past and present roles, is his ability to never miss a delivery deadline or experience failures from quality inspections. Andrew has also introduced two new products that the market has instantly found beneficial.

Throughout Andrew’s childhood, he enjoyed fixing and building things which led to him choosing engineering as a career path. Andrew enjoys problem solving and making decisions under pressure.

dBD Communications' Engineers

James has over 39 years of engineering experience. James’ background consists of computer engineering and hardware / electronic design. James has also worked within the defence industry for 35 years.

James’ most proudest achievement is the ability to work within a team on cutting edge technology / military systems in small and big companies.

From an early age, James used to make and build things and read technical magazines. This led him to attending college to pursue a career in Engineering.

dBD Communications' Engineers

Rodrick has spent 8 years in the engineering industry. He has predominately worked in mechanical engineering. This includes electrical, principles, engineering management, designing, development and project management.

Rodrick’s most significant achievement is becoming the first Production Engineer within dBD Communications, as well as developing products within the company that the industry has started to utilise.

Engineering is something that Rodrick has always been interested in and has made a good career path. Rodrick enjoys developing, being creative and using initiative to solve problems as well as recognising them.

dBD Communications' Engineers

Bela has spent 40 years of engineering background, he studied mechanical, electrical, programming and control engineering. Bela originally worked in the Army as both a Repairing Engineer and Developing Engineer, this was before moving to the UK and finishing his Masters Degree.

Bela is proud of developing the most recent innovative product for the Air industry within dBD Communications.

In Hungary, Bela studied engineering in secondary school and became really interested in the concept, leading him to choose engineering as a career path.

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