South East Site Visit Uncovers The Benefits Of Managed Service

As the leading supplier of duplex wireless communications to the rail industry, we provide a first-class Managed Service. Our service includes full traceability, readiness of equipment, technical support, maintenance and crucially, a comprehensive hygiene service. We help our clients avoid any delays to operations as well as ensuring uninterrupted communications on site we help our clients avoid any delays to operations.

Keen to discover one team’s experience of our Managed Service, Paul Joyner and Brooke Wood went to find out more at a South East depot. They asked the team several questions on why they entrust dBD Communications and here’s what they had to say:

How do you find our service on helping you with possessions or blockades?

They responded by saying just how important it is for us to be there on time, without fail. They informed Paul and Brooke that some possessions and blockade jobs can be in the middle of nowhere, yet we have never said we cannot get there. They were quick to say that our technical support “always turn up with the right equipment and are helpful and accommodating, especially when they have been diverted from the station to another access point.”

How would you describe the level of work ethics and overall service?

Brooke and Paul already knew that there have been no issues, but it is always reassuring when the client says as such and that “it is all positive, there are no negatives at all. Equipment is spot on and there is constant communication.” They were quick to single-out the signing in and out of system is extremely useful since “it makes people accountable for the equipment to ensure it goes back”.

Does the dBD Managed Service improve the overall efficiency and accountability?

This is clearly an emotive question, as the technical support team were quick to tell Brooke and Paul that if they have a specific task such a 52-hour possession with a lot of trains, the Managed Service really comes into its own. They said: “The Managed Service is one point of call for equipment and there is constantly a system on charge and spare batteries available for blockade requirements.” Flexibility is key though. The Managed Service is not required every weekend. This is where they utilise our hiring systems instead when working with RRVs and renewals.

What is the most memorable, effective service we provide?

The signing in and out of systems is a favourite. Every time dBD Communications arrive on site, “they make themselves known to the workers. The entire issuing and recalling of equipment are handled professionally and smoothly.”

Would you recommend dBD Communications to any of your colleagues?

There is no question. The answer was a resounding yes. “We’re all about efficiency – this is why we have gone down the route of ordering the Athena headsets when utilising RRVs on site and Managed Services for other types of operations.”

If you would like further information on the services we provide, or to book a Managed Service, please contact us at +44 (0)1268 724 617 or via SALES@DBDCOMMUNICATIONS.CO.UK

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