What Makes Our Managed Service Different?

dBD Communications is a leading supplier and manufacturer of duplex communications systems and has been since 2011, following the Network Rail approval of Athena and Apollo. Today, around 80% of rail engineers use our equipment, as well as a growing number of construction companies and airlines.

We have become subject matter experts. Not just in terms of our wireless technical capability but in our ability to solve some of the most intricate communication challenges.

What you may not realise, however, is that we also provide our customers (across the UK) with on-site Managed Services.

For our rail clients, this means quickly mobilising a managed service team at any time, but particularly during weekends, bank holidays and blockade shifts.

Whilst on-site, our expert engineers help with a combination of the following:

Asset management

This is where we manage the traceability of equipment with a comprehensive sign-in and out monitoring process. Crucially, this can also incorporate your existing assets as well as any rentals. With the accountability to return equipment, we prevent costly equipment loss.

Equipment readiness 

We make sure that every piece of equipment has been tested, that the battery is fully charged, appropriately sanitised (in line with our cleaning process outlined below) and cleared for use. Because it is supplied in a ready to use state with a 24 hour battery life, it can be used throughout the duration of a shift without interruption.

Equipment cleanliness 

We have always made sure that each product is cleaned before it is sent out again for use during shift changes. However, with the onset of COVID-19, we now have a 10-step cleaning process that we follow and make sure that each asset is provided with new mic muffs and ear covers.

On-site technical support

Being the product manufacturer, there’s no one better to offer on-site technical support. As part of our product readiness, we make sure that equipment is already paired. However, if an asset accidently becomes unpaired during works and there is a struggle to get reconnected, we’re on-site to solve the issue. We also carry various pieces of equipment and spares within our fleet. Keeping you operational is our top priority.

What makes our Managed Service different?

The most important difference is that when dBD Communications is on-site, you’re supported directly by the product manufacturer.

Our highly competent and knowledgeable engineers are there to help and will be on-site for the duration of the job. For example, when we are SUPPORTING DURING A BLOCKADE, we are there for the entire shift and constantly have systems on charge and spare batteries available.

Speaking about the planning that is involved, Workshop/Delivery Manager at dBD Communications, Andrew O’Connell, said:

“We have to plan for every eventuality. That’s why the pre-organisation of a managed service job is so important. Our operations team works closely with the customer to ensure everything is planned for each shift. This includes equipment needs, shift timings, site access, site surveys, personnel, and site manager details.

“Being able to respond in quick time is important too. It’s not unusual for us to be given just a few hours’ notice and we have never let a customer down.”

Ongoing asset maintenance

As an extension of our MANAGED SERVICE, we also offer short and deep servicing of products (both inhouse and on-site).

Short Service

Whilst on-site, we service existing equipment from our purposefully built vehicle. We deep clean each system using our 10-step guide, wearing gloves and appropriate PPE. We also conduct a functionality check on each system. This process can also be done in-house at dBD Communications.

Deep Service

Many of our clients will opt for a deep servicing of equipment approaching the end of the first year’s warranty. A deep clean includes everything detailed in the short service above, with the addition of a new battery for every piece of equipment and an additional 1 year’s warranty on each asset. Again, this can be offered on-site or at dBD Communications.

The important thing to remember is that we are flexible. There’s not much that we cannot assist you with when it comes to wireless communications.

To find out more about our Managed Service offering, please email SALES@DBDCOMMUNICATIONS.CO.UK or call 01268 724617

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