Chris Notter From The EVA Podcast Speaks To Claire Summers

Our team at dBD Communications have been supplying a wide range of communication products and solutions to the rail, aviation, construction and defence industries since 2002. Every product we have manufactured has been created to resolve specific industry challenges.

To enhance turnaround times and communications when it comes to airside operations, our multi-user, wireless headsets and push back systems enable the ground staff to communicate effectively, efficiently and safely, while offering extra service packages, training, guidance and 24-hour technical support.

Our Business Director, Claire Summers discusses how we support each of these industries with wireless communication solutions. Furthermore, we discover how the business has adapted work practices for our staff and customers during the covid pandemic, the impact it has had on the business in the last 7 months, the positives to come out of it, and what we expect from the future.

View the full interview here: 

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