Stepping Back In Time With The Return Of Apollo

The team was excited at dBD Communications last week as our second ever sold multiple user Apollo system was returned by Network Rail after seven years.

Well, technically speaking, it’s actually seven years today (4th March)! Nevertheless, we’re delighted because we created the Apollo with durability in mind.

After an initial inspection of the returned system, we found that the Apollo system continues to hold 24hrs of charge. In daily use for almost seven years, there were no upgrades to the physical system needed.

dBD Communications Director, Andrew O’Connell, said:

“During the lifespan of the system with Network Rail, only one of the power buttons had been slightly damaged and a mic arm had come loose, which we would expect. All other items and headsets within the system had no faults whatsoever during our inspection, which is not unusual to see. It’s pretty special to welcome home the second Apollo to leave our facilities though!”

A smart solution for Network Rail

Before Network Rail granted dBD Communications product approval on the Apollo system, simplex radios were being used. However, these only allowed for one person to speak at any given time.

Apollo drastically changed communications for Network Rail, with multiple users freely able to communicate with each other (up to a range of 100 metres). It meant that all sites could meet Network Rail’s mandate for open mic communications.

As the second Network Rail approved Apollo system to leave our manufacturing facilities, it’s had a lot of use. Initially, it was purchased by one of Network Rail’s Health and Safety Leads in March 2014 to use across various sites in Essex, before arriving at its latest site, Barking.

The importance of deep servicing

The system came in for a deep service in June 2017 and a short service again in 2018, for a full system functionality check, clean, relabelling, and battery replacement (during the deep service).

Talking about the lifespan of the Apollo, Andrew added:

“The reason for the system’s return was for a deep service and Apollo system upgrade, which will hopefully serve the client well for at least another seven years!”

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