The Benefits of Duplex Communications in a Highways Environment

How duplex communication systems could improve site safety and efficiency

Are you managing the works on a large construction project and need multiple plant control? Or perhaps you work in a high noise environment and need a better way for all your contractors to communicate?

Where every wasted minute has a monetary value, duplex communication systems can offer real value.

Having supplied over 8,000 wireless duplex communication systems to improve two-way and multi-way in heavy industry environments, you could say we know a thing or two about improved communications on site.

Every year, the CITB reports over 5,000 people being seriously injured on site. Most of these would have been avoidable with improved on-site communication.

That’s where our duplex communication systems come into their own, particularly in high-noise environments.

Why use duplex communication systems over radio?

Back-to-back radios have their place (in fact we supply a fair few of them). However, there are many construction tasks where radio is not the best solution.

On most construction sites, back-to-back radios are being used with no duplex circuits. On these systems, only one person can talk at a time and everyone else is forced to listen. If an accident were to occur away from the person talking, until they stop transmitting, no one else can be advised of a potential threat. Duplex communication systems, on the other hand, allow for multiple users to talk and listen at the same time. This significantly reduces safety risks and improves site efficiency.

Introducing Athena and Apollo

Our handsfree award-winning Athena and Apollo DUPLEX WIRELESS SYSTEMS enable communication up to 100 metres. This is ideal for anyone operating heavy machinery. Both systems will also integrate with those workers using back-to-back radio.

In our experience, duplex communications solutions are particularly useful in:

–       Managing sites with heavy machinery

–       Surveying

–       Civil engineering construction works

–       Increasing efficiency between trades

–       Onsite traffic management

–       Highway maintenance

A solution for every type of construction project

We realise that every Highways project and construction site will have its own communication requirements. Depending on the working environment, your workers will need ear domes that afford different levels of protection.

So, here’s a brief overview on each of our Athena and Apollo options:

Athena Standard

  • Slotted ear dome which allows for environmental awareness
  • Audio through both ear domes
  • Integration with a back to back radio via a radio interface cable
  • Up to 100 metres in range

Athena Lighter

  • Left ear dome large open apertures
  • Extended situational awareness
  • Up to 100 metres in range

Athena Ultra-Light

  • Localised awareness
  • Standalone ear domes which clip onto a hard hat
  • Up to 100 metres in range

Athena Blocked

  • Suited best for noisy environments
  • Hearing protection
  • Integration with a back to back radio via an interface cable
  • Up to 100 metres in range

Athena Freedom

  • Reduced restriction with an earpiece rather than headset
  • Compact design for maximum situational awareness
  • Up to 100 metres in range
  • Can be integrated with Forced Air Mask

How about solutions for vehicle operators?

Your machine operators may prefer not to wear a headset in their cab, which is where the Athena Cab Kit is particularly useful. The system works in the same way – the only difference is that the machine cab has a microphone and speaker fitted in place of a headset. There is a wireless link that automatically pairs the machine operator’s system with that of the controller on the ground.

What are the options for more than two users?

When more than two people need to be aware of concurrent activity on site and there is a need for instant communication, the Apollo system is ideal.

Between 3-16 users can communicate at the same time and best of all, any headset or interface in our range can be configured to work together. For instance, one user may require maximum situational awareness where another needs a higher level of noise protection with closed domes.

The point is that our duplex communication systems can be used in hundreds of different ways depending on your needs. Therefore, whatever communication challenge you have, we will have a solution.

What’s next for duplex communications development?

The pandemic effectively pressed the fast-forward button on technology solutions as site managers found new ways to keep sites Covid-safe.

With a newfound appreciation for smarter on site communications, our team is busy working on prototypes for enhanced hearing protection, so watch this space!

Being both manufacturer and supplier, there’s nothing we don’t know about duplex communication systems and how they can be used within construction and highway maintenance.

We realise there’s quite a lot of digest within this blog about our duplex communication systems. Please feel free to CONTACT US to talk about your site communication challenges and allow us to identify the best solution.

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