Wireless Communication Solutions
for Construction Applications


Construction Communications

We understand the challenges of working safely with heavy machinery and in high noise environments.

With over 2 million variants to match every construction task, we have supplied over 8,000 wireless duplex systems.

Furthermore, with the CITB reporting over 5,000 people are seriously injured each year on site, there’s a strong safety case for better communication.


Improved two-way and multi-way communications


Wireless communication offers far greater communications than back to back radio alone. Essentially, our solutions enable any of your workers linked to the net to be able to talk to each other. This reduces risks, especially when operating heavy noisy plant machinery.

Our Athena duplex wireless system enables exceptional two-user communication up to 100 metres. And our Apollo system provides multiple users with a wireless range of up to 500 metres. Furthermore, both can be integrated with back-to-back radio, which we also supply.

We also manufacture our own radio accessories to enhance radio networks. This allows users to communicate without the need to unclip from their radio belt, providing greater freedom of movement.


Solutions for civil engineering


Are you managing the works on a large civil engineering product and need multiple plant control? Or are you simply looking to improve banksman and machine operator communications?

As technical consultants and manufacturers of construction wireless communications solutions, we’ll always take a detailed brief from you. We’ll look at your plant set-up and recommend a wireless solution to keep your workers safe and improve site efficiency.

Why choose us?


We’ve been manufacturing wireless communications equipment since 2002. We know, from experience, how the introduction of the right technology can help keep a construction project safely on task.

When you contact us, you’ll speak directly to us as a manufacturer. Furthermore, our engineers can adapt certain products to meet your exact site specifications. If you’re operating in a high-noise environment but your workers still need heightened situational awareness, we have a solution for that.


A managed service you can trust


We don’t just supply you with systems (unless you want us to, of course). We take the time to manage installations, train your staff and help site managers understand how to switch between solutions.

We’re able to provide you with a support package that combines the following:

-       On-site servicing and maintenance

-       Installation service to ensure communications are fitted correctly

-       Training of staff to ensure correct use

-       24 hour phone support

-       Traceability service (signing in and out of equipment)

-       Managed cleaning of equipment

All our products are available for free demos and trial periods to ensure customer satisfaction ahead of making a purchase.

Simply contact our team to arrange a demonstration or trial.


Wireless Communication Solutions for Construction Civils Applications


Construction Communications

Phoenix 1 Crane Control 

Phoenix 1 allows a Slinger Signaller to be 'handsfree' whilst transmitting and speaking to the crane Operator (the radio would be clipped onto a belt or put in a pocket), allowing the Slinger Signaller to be able to assist in guiding the loads etc.  It would be dependent on the radio that the "handsfree" transmitting option can be anything up to 9 minutes.

The Phoenix 1 switch box can be clipped onto a lapel giving easy and remote access to the PTT (Push to Talk)function on the radio, an interface connector allows a selection of earpieces, headsets or remote speaker mic.

During operations, if the Slinger Signaller forgets to take the radio off transmit, the Supervisor can interrupt the transmission and free up the channel for others to use.


Phoenix 2 Crane Control 

The Phoenix 2 system allows the Radio Operator easy remote access to the PTT facility by a remote switch, which can be placed in a convenient position whilst the radio is clipped onto a belt or put in a pocket. An interface connector allows a selection of earpieces, headsets or remote speaker mic to be used.

If during an emergency the Radio Operator wants to raise the alarm using the 'Crash' emergency channel, immediate access is achieved by pressing the red button on the remote switch.  This will automatically change the radio channel selection from the current one to the emergency channel and put the radio into transmit mode without having to manually select on the radio and press the PTT. 


Construction Communications

Single Plant Control

Our wireless duplex communication systems have been produced to assist the communication path between Banksman and machine Operator.  Both the Banksman and Operator have the ability to wear various different styles of headsets, dependent on the task they are performing. 

The machine Operator, where appropriate, can have the ability to have a microphone and speaker fitted inside of the machine, instead of wearing a headset known as our Cab Kit system.




Construction Communications

Multiple Plant Control 

On large civil construction sites, it is appreciated that many plant vehicles have various different tasks they have to perform simultaneously.  When it is established which machines and personnel need communication connectivity, we can provide wireless duplex communications between these groups of people, known as our Apollo system.  

There is also a need to have an overarching communication channel that connects everybody which can be embedded with the use of back to back radios.  


Construction Communications

Wireless Communication Solutions for
Construction Highways Applications

There are many ways we can support highways construction projects facilitating groups with wireless duplex communications. On central reservation work, where a Plant Operator, Ganger and 2 safety gate people can communicate, potentially hands free at the same time improving safety and efficiency. This can be done by locating our Cab Kit system within the cab of the machinery providing the Controller hands free communications with the remainder of the team.

We can apply this same technology to roller and MEWP platforms by incorporating our Water Resistant Cab Kit, hooked to the platform in order to communicate with the Operatives on the ground.


Additional Products for Construction

Construction Communications


Forced Air Masks with Communication

dBD Communications are a distributors of the 3m Versaflo Mask and Scott Mask as shown in the images below.  

With the ability to add wireless duplex communication inside the mask via multiple solutions utilising our Athena headsets with different microphone and ear piece attachments suitable for the users. This enables user groups to maintain communication when in an RPE environment.



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