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NEW 4-user aircraft de-icing solution launched

Following successful trials and in direct response to aircraft demand for safely increasing turnaround de-icing times, dBD Communications has launched its 4-user wireless de-icing solution.

The solution enables up to four de-icing operatives to communicate wirelessly with one another across a de-icing pad around an aircraft, with a range of up to 150m (or 300m when extended by the use of additional antennas).

One de-icing machine simply holds a dBD Communications flight bag containing an Apollo system base unit that connects the headsets of all four de-icing operatives situated within de-icing buckets. This makes it incredibly easy to move the solution between different teams.

Crucially, being connected in this way facilitates the movement of aircraft de-icers without compromising user communication, helping to improve turnaround times. It also enhances situational awareness with two different headset options, either single ear or fully blocked headsets available with mic on mic off buttons. In a closed de-icing bucket, a speaker and microphone could be used instead of a headset.

We also have the ability to interface either ATC or Ramp communications so that the bucket crew can hear radio activity. Another consideration could be to have an individual link to the vehicle driver as well as a group link to all the bucket operatives.

Commenting on the value of the solution, Managing Director of dBD Communications, David O’Connell said:

“We have been working in air ground handling communications for quite some years now and have several pushback, maintenance and de-icing systems in place. But we are never ones to stand still. As both the manufacturer and supplier, we are always looking at ways to improve airside communications and this latest de-icing solution is a great example of how our clients approach us with a communications challenge and we engineer ways to solve it.”

For more information on dBD Communications’ de-icing solution, please contact our sales team on sales@dbdcommunications.co.uk or call +44 (0)1268 724617

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