Do you know about the range of services that we offer with our systems?

Customer care is incredibly important to us at dBD Communications. This level of service and attention to detail is the reason our customers remain with us when in requirement of wireless communication systems and leads to glowing feedback.

Whilst we are innovation leaders and always developing new ways to improve communication within environments such as airside, rail and construction, we understand that ongoing support during your operations is just as important as this range of services below will show.

Deep Services with Half Price Rentals

Systems purchased through dBD Communications can be sent back to the workshop at any time. A technician will review the system’s functionality and identify any repairs required. During the deep service, the equipment is given a series of new components including mic muffs, ear cups, head straps, antennas, and battery.

On top of this, we also provide you with an additional year’s warranty. We also take the equipment through a deep clean process so it arrives back to you as good as new.

When your equipment is sent back for a deep service, we offer half-price rentals for the duration the deep service takes, so that this does not disrupt your work.

24/7 Customer Support

Our highly competent and knowledgeable staff are available to provide on-site support for the duration of your projects. Our team works closely with you to ensure everything is planned for each shift, including equipment needs, shift timings, and site access in preparation for the support. Assets are managed by our staff, ensuring they are traceable, clean, fully charged, and functional.

Whilst on-site, you can take advantage of asking our team to service your equipment. This usually comes at an additional cost if you were to send them back into our Workshop separate from a Managed Service.

In situations where our Managed Service offering is not required, our team is still available to assist with any questions. We are on hand via the telephone, 24 hours a day to resolve the issues remotely to ensure your operations have minimum disruption.

On-site Installation

Our expert engineers can come to site to ensure equipment is installed correctly and demonstrate how to install it at the same time if required. This ensures an efficient setup of communications prior to starting work. Items for this type of service can include, Cab Kits, Antennas that require to be placed at height, masts, and Apollo base units.

Site Surveys

Our expert engineers carry out a site survey on working sites that have more complex requirements. Our engineers search the site using specialist equipment to identify RF black-spots that will disrupt the communications. They are then able to come up with a resolution to ensure communications and the range required are archived for the work to be carried out.

Our engineers will provide the customer with a map to identify these black- spots. We can also assist with the set up of equipment such as masts, antennas, repeaters, etc. to improve the communications.

Training Packages

At dBD Communications, we have expert product knowledge on all of our manufactured communications. Our supportive team of staff will go through the process of our equipment; how to pair, charge, test, recognise faults, demonstrate all of the functionalities of the headsets and all the technical specs such as range and how to best use the equipment according to their working applications. We then run through Q&A for users that are still unclear to ensure they are confident in using the system prior to use.

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